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Joint CVG/CSASS 2016 Annual Symposium Program

1. Mr. Alan Johnston, President, Measurement Canada Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada               

Legal Metrology in Canada 

2. Dr. Margareth Marques, United States Pharmacopeia  

Recent updates in chapters <857> and <1857> - qualification of UV-Vis spectrophotometers   

3. Ms. Alina Muscalu, Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

Environmental applications of two dimensional gas chromatography-time of flight mass spectrometry: Past, present and future       

4. Mr. Ken Wilkinson, City Toronto    

City of Toronto Water Laboratory Past, Present and Future         

A1. Dr. Bernard Lam, Norgen Biotek Corp.        

RNA as Next Generation Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets - Current Advances in Purification, Quantification and Applications   

A2. Dr. Liu Gang, Shanghai Institute of Measurement & Testing Technology               

Sensitive electrochemical DNA biosensor and DNA related Bio-metrology Measurement          

A3. Dr. Boyang Zhang, University of Toronto  

Organ-on-a-Chip technology for drug discovery and toxicology 

A4. Dr. Kevin Loomis, Panasonic Healthcare Corporation              

Proper Validation Techniques & The Importance to The Customer               

A5. Dr. YC Lee, C2C

Comparing development strategy: Natural Health Products vs. Pharmaceutical Products

B1. Dr. Magdalena Jaklewicz, York University  

Dynamic imaging in electron microscopy        

B2. Dr. Parviz Shahbazikhah, Metrohm              

Ion Chromatography for Pharmaceutical Analysis           

B3. Dr. Yuyong Ke, LifeLabs LP           

The Challenges and Strategies for LC-MS/MS Method Development of Accurate Assays of Steroids in Human Serum          

B4. Mr. Samson Lu, LLC Laboratories

Data Integrity and Compliances         

B5. Dr. Herman Lam, CVG   

Analytical Quality by Design

Joint CVG/CSASS 2016 Annual Symposium

Toronto Plaza Hotel, 1677 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON M3L 1A5

Thursday October 6, 2016.
08:30 16:35

Free registration
E-mail herman_lam@cvg.ca