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CVG 2022 Seminar-5: Ion Chromatography in Pharmaceutical Industry 

June 29, 2022 @ 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm


Seminar will be conducted online via Zoom @ 5:30 pm EDT


Ion chromatography (IC) is the method of choice to determine active ingredients, excipients, and traces of impurities, as well as metabolites in the form of organic and inorganic ions or polar substances, in a number of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical solutions, and even body fluids. It can determine the presence of several substances within a very short time in a single analysis – and even distinguish chemically similar analytes. The concentration of analytes can vary from ng/L up to the per cent range. The large selection of separation columns and elution systems available makes IC useful for almost any kind of analyte. Interfering effects caused by the sample matrix can easily be avoided by using the right sample preparation or choosing a suitable detection method. Inline sample preparation is a feature of many modern IC systems, as the focus of recent advances in IC has been mainly on ease of use. However, convenience is not the only advantage brought by the automation of the IC process: reducing human interference to a minimum also means reducing the chances of mistakes and contamination.  Depending on the requirements of analyte and matrix, there is a broad range of detection methods to choose from: Conductivity detection with and without suppression, Electrochemical detection, Spectrophotometric detection with and without post-column derivatization (ultraviolet–visible spectrophotometry), Coupled detection methods such as IC–mass-spectrometry (MS) and IC–inductively-coupled-plasma-MS. 

About Speaker

Dr. Shahbazikhah has received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry and Chemometrics from Sharif University of Technology in 2008. He finished his postdoc research in collaboration with Prof. John Kalivas at Idaho State University. Dr. Shahbazikhah has extensive experience in Academia and Industry. In his academic experience he has published more than 15 peer review papers in chemometrics and data analysis. Dr. Shahbazikhah also has 20 years hands-on experience in Ion Chromatography, Electrochemistry, Titration and Spectroscopy applications in different industries.